Cosmetic dentist in Ladera Ranch

Cosmetic Dentist in Ladera Ranch

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Veneers in Ladera Ranch

Unattractive teeth can make you feel bad about yourself, and may affect how others think about. Here at Ladera Smile Dentistry, we put veneers to use to transform your current smile into one that you’ll be proud of. Making it happen is simple, effective, and might take as few as three visits from start to finish.

Come in to see our cosmetic dentist in Ladera Ranch. Discuss your goals about the appearance of your teeth, and let’s find out if veneers are the right solution in your situation. For any flaw or imperfection that can be covered up, and assuming that your teeth and gums are basically strong and healthy, there is good reason to feel confident about the success of veneers. What kinds of problems can you look forward to improving? Some examples are chipped teeth, wide gaps between teeth, and misshapen, crooked, or poorly-sized teeth. Even if you have some that are discolored, veneers give you an excellent way to keep it hidden. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that from the front look very much like your teeth. So when they are placed over the face of them, it’s as if you replaced your teeth with brand new, perfect ones. This is much easier, of course. Our cosmetic dentist in Ladera Ranch takes impressions, and the dental lab uses them as a guideline to fashion your veneers. Fitting them to your teeth requires that a minimal amount of tooth layer is removed to make room. Because of this, the result is completely natural. All of your teeth, with or without veneers, look even and uniform. With proper care, you can look forward to a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years for your veneers, and possibly longer.

Contact our office and let us schedule an appointment for you to come have a consultation with and examination by our cosmetic dentist in Ladera Ranch.

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